How to Restore an Unresponsive iPhone / iPad (Video)


Sometimes it happens. Either the device gets angry at you and just gets stuck while using an app or you were jailbreaking it and it got stuck during that process on the Apple logo. Regardless of how, there is a way to get it back to normal instead of turning it into a very expensive coaster or dinner plate. Here’s how to restore an unresposive iPhone or iPad.

I. Turn Off the Unresponsive iPhone / iPad

1. Hold down the power button and home button at the same time and keep holding them.

2. The screen will turn black for a second and then the apple logo will show up, KEEP holding the button throughout this.

3. Once the screen finally goes black and stays that way for a bit, then let go of the power and home button. The device is now off.

II. Turn On the Unresponsive iPhone / iPad

1. Hold down the power button to turn on the iPhone / iPad.

2. If it boots up to the home screen, you are all set. If it gets stuck at the Apple logo, repeat Section I to turn it back off again and go to Section III.

III. Put the iPhone / iPad into DFU Mode

1. With the device plugged in to the computer via USB, turn it off.

2. Hold down Power and the Home button at the same time until you see the screen go from the Apple logo to black (approx. 10 seconds) then let go of the Power button but continue to hold the Home button until iTunes pops up a dialog box saying it has discovered an iPhone in recovery mode.

IV. Flash the Stock Firmware and Your Latest Backup

1. In iTunes, click on Restore.

2. When the device restarts and is done, select the backup we just made of the device when prompted to restore your apps, contacts, etc.

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