How to Root the Sony Xperia S running 6.2.B.1.96 firmware

Sony Xperia S LT26i

How to Root the Sony Xperia S running 6.2.B.1.96 firmware

The Sony Xperia S was recently updated to 6.2.B.1.96 firmware and as usual, those who were rooted might have found their device no longer having root privileges.  But now, we have a solution for this problem and if this is what you were looking for, look no more and read on.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  This procedure only works on the Sony Xperia S running 6.2.B.1.96 firmware only; do not try this if you have anything older on your device.

2.  As always, back up everything you care about and charge your device to 75% or more before you start.

3.  This procedure works both on locked and unlocked bootloaders.

II.  Necessary Downloads

1.  flashtool-

2.  XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.0.211_KernelOnly.ftf (Link available in this post)

3.  XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.1.96_KernelOnly.ftf (Link available in this post)

3. (or latest version, link available in this post)

III.  Flashing the Rootable Older Kernel

1.  Double-click on flashtool- you downloaded above and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

2.  Copy the XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.0.211_KernelOnly.ftf file you downloaded above to C:\Flashtool\firmwares on your harddrive.

3.  Open the Flashtool application after installation and click on the Flash icon (the one with the thunder symbol).

4.  You should be presented with two options:  Flashmode and Fastboot Mode.  Select Flashmode.

5.  Choose XperiaS_LT26i_6.2.B.0.211_KernelOnly.ftf and click on OK.  Follow the on-screen instructions on how to boot your device into fastboot mode and connect your device.  Also, make sure “No Final Verification” is marked.

6.  Reboot device.

IV.  Rooting the Xperia S

1.  Enable USB Debugging on your device.  You can do this by heading to Settings > Development Options > USB Debugging and checking the tickbox next to it.

2.  Enable installation of non-Market applications.  To do this, go to Settings > Security and check the Unknown Sources tickbox.

3.  Connect your device to your Windows PC.  At this point, ensure that the Flashtool is not running; if it is running, exit it and check the task manager for any other instances of it running and end them.

4.  Extract the that you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

5.  From the extracted folder, double-click on runme_win.bat to run the DooMLoRD tool.

6.  Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for the process to be complete.

Reboot your device and check that the SuperSU app is installed on your device.  If it is, you are now rooted!



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