How to Change the Watch Face on the Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear

I. Download the Watch Styler App

1. Open Gear Manager on your phone.

2. Tap on Samsung Apps.

3. Tap on Clock.

4. Tap on Watch Styler.

5. Tap Install.

II. Create a Watch Face

1. Open Watch Styler from your App Drawer.

2. Tap the + icon to create a new watch face.

3. Choose Analog or Digital.

4. Give it a name (keep in mind you cannot use special characters or spaces).

5. Hit OK.

6. Choose what background you want using the icons to choose one of their preexisting ones, choose one from your gallery, take one with the camera right now, or choose a color.

7. Tap Next.

8. Choose the type of time you want and where you’d like to place it on the face and choose the color below the image.

9. Tap Next.

10. Choose to add the date, world clock, battery indicator, bluetooth icon, and their position/color in the same manner as the time.

11. Tap Save.

12. Tap OK.

III. Set Watch Face

1. Open Gear Manager.

2. Tap on Clocks.

3. Select Watch Styler.

4. Tap the gear icon to the right of Watch Styler.

5. Choose from one of your saved watch faces.

It should then magically appear on your Galaxy Gear. If it doesn’t right away, simply tap the power button on the Gear to lock it then tap it again to unlock it and it should now display the new watch face. Enjoy!



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