Nexus 7 how to separate the LCD from the digitizer



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This was my setup:

– The disassembled screen unit (only digitizer and LCD)
– A copper plate, bigger than the nexus clamped in a workbench (I had that one by accident, other metal or aluminium plates could work too)
– Two metal bars and c-clamps to fix the glass (digitizer) onto the copper plate. The whole thing shouldn’t move
– A hair dryer with enough power to heat the coopper plate towards 50-70° C (That’s what I think it was)
– Fishing line (Extra strong black line, has some kind of structure, thats good for sawing)
– two handles I could tye the fising line to, to have a good grip

First I tied the fishing line to my handles (the red tool and the metal tool in one of the pictures). Then I warmed the whole thing for about 5 minutes looking for a good heat dissipation, not too hot on one spot but as equally hot as possible. I left the hair dryer blowing next to the copper plate so it would not cool down so fast. Then I took my handles and started sawing slowly and carefully by tearing the line trough the glue between LCD and digitizer. I remarked that it is easier when sawing a bit, than just pulling it true the glue (the line then snapped faster). I paid attention that I didn’t lift the LCD with the fishing line. 4-5 times the line snapped and I had to start over, but it finally worked. I always had the dryer on but changed position sometimes that the whole thing won’t heat up too much. Finally I was able to tear the LCD carefully off the shattered glass. The glass stayed compact so I think theres another film layer on it. Finally I tested the LCD and it worked fine. I couldn’t see any flaws.


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