Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins


1. WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)


Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins

WordPress has become one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems, and now powers and supports more than 60,000,000 blogs and sites from all over the world.

Since WordPress is so widely used all over the world, there is an inherent need for site contents to be displayed in different languages. Now with eCommerce sites also being constructed with WordPress, it is quite important to make one single site with multiple language compatibility. This can make the sites usable for people speaking different languages. Multilingual plugins from WordPress are developed for this very purpose.

Some of the best WordPress multilingual plugins and their features are listed here:

1. WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)


WPML comes with easy setup of 40 languages right out of the box. Apart from that it allows the users to add their own language as and when needed. It also allows the users to add different variants of languages like Mexican Spanish etc. It is also capable of making one single WordPress installation work fully as a multilingual site.

Features of WPML:

  • Variant languages compatibility: Allows users to add their own language even if it is a variant of another language.
  • Powerful translation management: Manages the translation by itself without creating any addition interference from the users.
  • Multilingual CMS: It works well with Multilingual Content Management System sites powered by WordPress.
  • Theme and plugin text translation: The text of a theme or plugin is available in English but this plugin can translate these texts in other languages known to it. This helps the people of other languages to make use of the plugin in their own sites or blogs.
  • Translation of comments from the visitors: It automatically translates the comments of the visitors or subscribers in the preferred languages. Both site owners and other viewers can get the benefits of this facility by and large.

Download WPML

2. qTranslate


qTranslate is yet another powerful WordPress plugin which takes care of the problems related with language of the content of all types. This plugin works as an interface between the users and WordPress site for managing a multilingual web site.

Features of qTranslate:

  • Easy switch over: qTranslate provides easy switch over from one language to another. It is as easy as one –click on the mouse.
  • Professional automated translation: This feature allows the site owners reach more viewers or customers in shorter span of time. This allows the visitors the information in their own language as and when they visit the site.
  • No updation needed: The users are not required to update or edit the plugin as it keeps on working perfectly right from installing it in the WP site or blog. qTranslate manages the technicalities well.
  • Language selection option: It has more than 50 languages in store for the users to select their own language from.

Download qTranslate

3. Multilingual Press


This plugin from WordPress is highly recommended by the satisfied users. This plugin works perfectly with single sites as well as WordPress Multisites. It is the most popular one among the multisite users.

Features of Multilingual Press:

  • Easy to use: Multilingual Press is easy to find, download, and install. It clearly means that this plugin has been easier to use and manage by the users.
  • Huge language base: Multilingual Press has more than 50 languages available for the users.
  • Adding new language: This is a good option for the users if they fail to find their own preferred language in the available language list. This facility increases the language base of the plugin which can be used by other users as well.
  • Frontend support: The plugin stores cookies on the system for the preferred language. It helps the users of the system in getting the service in their language only by default.
  • HTTP redirection, see
  • Create new blogs based on any other blog as a full copy, including active plugins, theme options, widgets and theme
  • Reconnect existing posts of any post type
  • A very unique language management with 174 editable languages

Download Multilingual Press

4. Stella


Stella plugin for WordPress is designed to give the user a simple and effective way to build a multi-language website. It makes it possible to easily produce and manage multilingual content.

This free version of stella plugin has some limitations.

Here is a quick overview of free version features:

  1. Multi-language from the box – everything required already included
  2. Quick and simple configuration
  3. Host versatility – use pre-configured host names or form automatic URLs
  4. Multilingual post content editing via tabs in post edit WordPress section
  5. Website title, description and menu localization
  6. Language switching widget
  7. Plugin localization support

Download Stella

These plugins are quite powerful in handling the language compatibility of the users. All blogs and websites are directly related with these plugins. However, the eCommerce platforms with WordPress will be experiencing the best advantages of these plugins.

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