How to Add WordPress Widgets in Accessibility Mode

Some WordPress users find it challenging to use the drag and drop interface for adding WordPress widgets. What most users are unaware of is that there is a built-in accessibility mode for widgets in WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to add WordPress widgets in accessibility mode.

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First you need to visit Appearance » Widgets screen in your WordPress admin area. The accessibility mode is hidden under the screen options menu.


If you can click or tap on Screen Options menu, then that’s good. If you are using a screen reading software and a keyboard, then you need to press the L key.

This will skip the normal menu and take you directly to the help button which is located just before Screen Options. Press tab key again to focus on screen options menu and then hit enter. This will bring down the screen options menu.


There is only one option in this menu: “Enable accessibility mode”. You can activate it by pressing the tab key and pressing enter, by or clicking on it.

Activating the accessibility mode will reload the Widgets screen with a new interface.

This new interface allows you to add widgets using the Add link next to the widget title.


When you press the Add link, it will open the widget in a single page where you can configure widget settings.

You can also choose the sidebar or widget area where you want to add your widget. Next to it, you will also see the position dropdown which allows you to choose the position of this widget in your selected sidebar.


Once you are satisfied with the widget settings, press the Save button. You will be redirected back to Widgets screen.

Accessibility mode will also enable edit links next to active widgets, like this:


Clicking on it will take you to the same edit widget screen, where you can edit your widget settings and even remove it by selecting the Inactive widgets option.

That’s all

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