How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2 3G A1396-A1397 (Hardware method)

Instructions for unlocking

If you are unsure of your skills,entrust this work to professionals.

Diassembly your tablet.
Find resistors responsible for boarder_id.Remove them,you will turn off the modem and change identity of your iPad.


shm1 (1)

I-On the Model A1396 (GSM) remove the resistor r1205.
On the Model A1397 (CDMA) remove the resistor r1205.

II-Tablet will enter DFU mode.

III-Connect the tablet to your PC or Mac.

IV-After that you need to restore the tablet throught iTunes with firmware of Wi-Fi model and activate using the official method.

V-Turn off the automatic firmware update: Settings/iTunes/Store,App Store/Automatic download/Updates.

This instruction is not suitable for iPad Wi-Fi



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