how to sync google earth on multiple computers

In order to do that you need google drive, drop box or some cloud drive, then you need Link Shell Extension and you are done.

First you need to create a folder called GoogleEarth on your drive, then you can share that folder with anyone.

Second you need to install 2 programs for creating a Symlink


Create Symlinks in Any Edition of Windows in Explorer

Creating symlinks is usually difficult, but thanks to the free Link Shell Extension, you can create symbolic links in all modern version of Windows pain-free.  You need to download both Visual Studio 2005 redistributable, which contains the necessary prerequisites, and Link Shell Extension itself (links below).  Download the correct version (32 bit or 64 bit) for your computer.

Run and install the Visual Studio 2005 Redistributable installer first.


Then install the Link Shell Extension on your computer. Your taskbar will temporally disappear during the install, but will quickly come back.


Now you’re ready to start creating symbolic links.  Browse to the folder or file you want to create a symbolic link from.  Right-click the folder or file and select Pick Link Source.


To create your symlink, right-click in the folder you wish to save the symbolic link, select “Drop as…”, and then choose the type of link you want.  You can choose from several different options here; we chose the Hardlink Clone.  This will create a hard link to the file or folder we selected.  The Symbolic link option creates a soft link, while the smart copy will fully copy a folder containing symbolic links without breaking them.  These options can be useful as well.


Here’s our hard-linked folder on our desktop.  Notice that the folder looks like its contents are stored in Desktop\Downloads, when they are actually stored in C:\Users\Matthew\Desktop\Downloads.  Also, when links are created with the Link Shell Extension, they have a red arrow on them so you can still differentiate them.


And, this works the same way in XP as well.


Then you need to delete your GoogleEarth from C:\Users\<User>\AppData\LocalLow\Google

and make the Symlink and now you have a sync Google Earth

Better using DropBox than Google Drive, google drive is showing some bugs

Thats All

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