How to Move Your Mozilla Thunderbird Profile

Lots of mail needs lots of storage. If you started your Mozilla Thunderbird adventure on too small a partition or disk, you can move it to a larger place in a few steps and without interruptions.

Move Your Mozilla Thunderbird Profile

To change the location of your Mozilla Thunderbird profile (which holds your messages, settings, filters, address book, spam filter data and more):

  • Make sure Mozilla Thunderbird is not running.
  • Open your (default) Mozilla Thunderbird profile directory.
  • Go to that folder’s parent directory.
  • Move the profile folder (********.default) to the desired location.
    • You can rename the profile folder, of course. For example, your new profile could be atE:\Data\MozillaThunderbirdProfile\.
  • Open the “profiles.ini” file in a text editor like Notepad or TextEdit.
    • You can find “profiles.ini” under “%appdata%\Thunderbird\” on Windows (type the string in the address field of a Windows Explorer window), under the “Library/Application Support/Thunderbird” directory in your home folder on Mac OS X, and under “~/.thunderbird/” on Linux.
  • Look for the Path= entry of your profile (it will still point to the old directory).
  • Replace the old path with the new.
    • If Path= was “Path=Profiles\pi5nk80v.default”, for example, make it read “Path=E:\Data\MozillaThunderbirdProfile”.
  • Make sure IsRelative is set to ‘0’ (the line should read “IsRelative=0”).
  • Save and close “profiles.ini”.


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